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1. Electricity and magnetism combine to form one of the fundamental forces of the universe – electromagnetism. The two constantly interact, and the relationship between them is one of the most important in physics. For example, an electric current passing through a wire creates a magnetic field; and if the lines of force around a magnet are cut by a passing object, an electric current will be produced.
2. Magnets are attracted to iron and to any material that contains iron. Magnets have two poles, a north pole and a south pole. Unmagnetized iron and steel have magnetic regions of atoms called domains that are jumbled up and point in lots of different directions. When iron or steel becomes magnetized, the domains become aligned and they all point in the same direction. One end of each domain points toward the magnetic north pole.
3. Electronics is a new branch of physics, and one that plays an increasingly important part in our lives. It is concerned with the use of electricity to produce signals that carry information and control devices such as computers. These devices contain electric circuits through which electric current flows. The controlling parts in a circuit are called components, and these include diodes and transistors. Components can amplify currents, switch them on and off, or change their direction.

+ are the most significant in physics

 are interdependent

 were created by electronics

 discovered another kind of electric current
Чтобы правильно выполнить задание, следует знать алгоритм обработки текстовой информации и, прочитав текст, завершить утверждение согласно содержанию текста.
Утверждение «The interrelations of electricity and magnetism…» («Взаимоотношения электричества и магнетизма…») следует закончить вариантом ответа «are the most significant in physics» («самые важные в физике»), так как именно это утверждение соответствует содержанию текста.
Согласно тексту: «Electricity and magnetism combine… The two constantly interact, and the relationship between them is one of the most important in physics» («Электричество и магнетизм объединяются… Обе эти силы постоянно взаимодействуют, и отношения между ними являются самыми важными в физике») (фрагмент 1).
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