Изучающее чтение с выделением главных компонентов содержания текста


Прочитайте текст и выполните задания.
1. The concept of fashion implies a process of style change, because fashions in dress, as well as in furniture and other objects, have taken very different forms at different times in history. Most people follow fashion to some extent, because fashion refers to much more than the haute couture, the exclusive and expensive clothing produced by leading designers. Even schoolchildren are aware that fashions exist. Nevertheless, we do tend to distinguish between basic clothing, such as blue jeans, parkas and T-shirts, and the latest trendy fashions created by fashion designers. Fashion reflects the society of which it is a part. It has been influenced by wars, conquests, laws, religion, and the arts. Individual personalities have also had an impact on fashion. Royalty and heads of states have set fashion, and in the 20th century media stars have emerged as leaders of fashion. French writer Anatole France said that if he could come back to Earth 100 years after his death and have only one thing to read, he would choose a fashion magazine because that would show him the way people lived.
2. Fashion also has its critics, who have at times denounced fashion as irrational, frivolous, tyrannical, and immoral. Why should pink be in fashion one season and grey the next season? Why do people follow fashion like sheep when they have enough clothes already? A common accusation is that fashion designers accelerate fashion change to create new business. Yet no new fashion succeeds until people are ready to accept it. The final decision about what to buy, or whether to buy anything at all, belongs to the consumer. Ultimately, fashions change because many people like new and different styles.

+ Fashion is a social phenomenon reflecting different aspects of people’s life.

 Fashion is popular as it helps people to break the monotony of their lives.

 Most people take great interest in fashion and usually try to follow it.

 Fashion is closely connected with the development of business.
Чтобы правильно выполнить задание, следует знать алгоритм обработки текстовой информации и, прочитав текст, выделить главные компоненты содержания текста, то есть определить основную идею текстовой информации.
В тексте говорится о том, что мода отражает жизнь общества, частью которого она является («Fashion reflects the society of which it is a part» – фрагмент 1) и может наглядно продемонстрировать то, как живут люди («…a fashion magazine… would show… the way people lived» – фрагмент 1).
Таким образом, правильный вариант ответа – «Fashion is a social phenomenon reflecting different aspects of people’s life» («Мода – это социальное явление, отражающее различные аспекты жизни народа»).
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